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It is useful to know that:
The boats are covered by a third party insurance and not by a CASCO insurance, so it is only right to remember that:

1) The renter must check the boat and the supplied equipment at the time of the delivery and take care of them.
2) It is forbidden to moor the boat on the beaches or near to the rocks; the renter must pay the maximum attention to the swimmers and if there are floating barriers he has not to overstep them.
3) During the navigation, the driver, who is also the signer of the contract, must be careful of any rocks on the water, in order to avoid the breakdown of the engine and of the boat self.
4) The signer of the contract is responsible for any damages to the boat, to the engine foot, to the propeller etc. caused by negligence or distraction and he will have to reimburse the entire amount necessary to repair or to replace the damaged parts, immediately and with the current market prices in force at the related service centers in La Maddalena. .
5) Stop the engine at 150 meters from the coast, using the oars to approach the shore, moor the boat not less than 150 meters from the shore, it is forbidden to navigate with the engine running within this distance; it is not recommended to navigate with a depth sea floor of less than 1.50 meters.
6) The navigation code provides a speed of three knots near the coast and in the harbors.

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